Cycling the Romantische Strasse

Day 6

Monday, May 24, 1999

Donauworth to Aichach

It is mostly cloudy this morning, with a temperature of 14 degrees Celsius. We started out of town south towards Augsburg. Before departing, we tried to buy a local cycle map, but because of the holiday, all of the shops are closed. We started out along Road 16, thoroughly enjoying the extremely light traffic. The Danube River was very high, with a very fast flow. About 5 km out we could see why they closed access to the other side of the #2 autobahn – high water once again! We continued south to Nordendorf, where access to the east was still blocked. The terrain at this point was remarkably similar to that in southern Ontario, except with more trees and no fences. We once again tried to cross the Lech River at Meitingen, but the bridge was closed. A roller blader travelling with his family told us the next bridge, about 7 km away was open. At Langweid am Lech we finally crossed the Lech, only 8 km north of the city of Augsburg. We continued up 5 km to the villages of Sand, Todtenweis, Petersdorf, and into Aichach for the evening. We arrived at 1:45 p.m., and booked into the Hotel , right by the maypole by the front gate of the city. It cost 55 DM apiece, once again including breakfast. This hotel even looked like our Canadian expectations of a hotel, but with a difference: we seemed to be the only patrons spending the night. We were given a key to the front door to let ourselves in after "normal business hours."

We walked down to the Marktplatz for dinner, Tom had stew and scalloped potatoes for dinner (20 DM), while I munched on a feast of sausage and sauerkraut (15 DM). We ate out in the open under beautiful sunshine. Oh – the wine with dinner was a nice touch. We also had a beer a bit later at a streetside café. Total mileage for the day: 65.2 km in 3 hours, 22 minutes, for an average speed of 19.5 kph. Maximum speed today: 43.5 kph.

Rolling countryside near Aichach

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