Cycling the Romantische Strasse

Day 2

Thursday, May 20, 1999

Morfelden to Eberbach

It was sunny at 7:00 a.m., and I enjoyed an excellent sleep through the night. I can't say the same for Tom - he probably didn't think much of my snoring. Breakfast consisted of coffee, rolls, meat, cheese, yogurt, boiled eggs, and lots of toppings for the breads. Our route today looked fairly easy - Highway 486 initially out of Morfelden, heading generally east. This road was fairly busy during the first stretch to Langen. There was some cycle paths, and some paved shoulders. People in cars were very courteous, and made no dangerous passes. They seemed to respect us - an unusual concept for cyclists in Canada! We passed through  the towns of Eperthausen, and Munster.  In Munster we filled our tires with air at a gas station. This proved to be a mistake for me, as it caused two flats in rapid succession. After filling the tires with air, we went inside for a chocolate bar and some soft drinks. After we came out of the store, I could hear a load hissing sound coming from one of the bikes. The rear tire on my Cannondale was rapidly on its way to becoming flat. The valve stem had been blown part of the way off. When I checked the air pressure in the front tire it showed 120 psi - a mere 40 psi above and beyond the maximum recommended for that tire. You would think that after one flat, and with the front tire pressure so high, I would pump up the new tube by hand. Well, cyclists tend be lazy sometimes. The next tire inflation brought immediate "results." My theory is that the air enters the tire under such pressure and speed, that it has a sandblasting effect on the tube. This time I blew a small hole in the tube just opposite the valve stem. Lesson learned, I pumped up the next tube by hand (this was my last tube, although I also carry a patch kit), and never had another problem with tires for the trip.

After Dieburg, we took Road 45 to Hochst. Hills entered the picture at this point, and continued the rest of the way to Eberbach. After each hill, however, there was always a descent. The hills did not seem very steep, but they were very long.

We ate lunch in the town of Michelstadt at an outdoor cafe opposite an old timbered building with a clock. After a little window shopping, and the purchase of a few postcards (which I am still looking for), we continued on our way.

Our maximum speed for the day (on the downhill of course) was 58.5 kph. We completed a total of 93 km in 4 hours and 31 minutes, for an average speed of 20.6 kph.

We spent the night in Eberbach, a town right on the River in another guesthouse:  Gasthaus Gruner Baum.  Again, the cost was a reasonable 40 DM, and we even had a "garage" for our bikes!  Actually, they spent the evening in the well stocked wine cellar just outside the Gruner Baum.


Tom in Michelstadt

Michelstadt in an earlier time

Eberbach street scene

Hotel in Eberbach next to where we ate dinner

Tom enjoying his first of many beers in Eberbach

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