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My name is Kevin Rodger. I was born in 1957 in southern Ontario (Canada), and have lived in Alberta and Saskatchewan, as well as both northern and southern Ontario.

I was always interested in flying. I obtained my glider licence in 1972 through the Canadian Air Cadet program. In 1975 I graduated with my power scholarship out of London, Ontario. I attended Confederation College's Aviation Management program from 1976 to 1978, at which time I started my aviation career as a flight instructor for the Nighthawk Flying Club, based out of Iroquois Falls, Ontario. After six years of instructing, I was hired as a First Officer for what was then Canada's oldest continuosly running airline, Austin Airways. After four years of emplyment in Timmins, Ontario, Austin Airways purchased Air Ontario, and merged the two airlines together under the Air Ontario brand. Eventually, Air Ontario was purchased by Air Canada (which also owned Air BC, Air Alliance, and Air Nova) after the collapse of Canadian Airlines, Air Canada purchased the assets and merged the carriers together. The merger of the regionals, originally came to be called Air Canada Regional, and eventually Air Canada Jazz (I thought this was a brief history).

As a pilot for regional air carrier, Air Canada Jazz, for the last 24 years, I have flown over most of Canada, and much of the continental United States. I presently fly the 50 seat Canadair RJ regional jet, as well as its "big brother", the 75 seat Canadair 705. Air Canada Jazz is a wholy owned subsidiary of Canada's national airline, Air Canada. Presently, we are the second largest air carrier in Canada, and we currently have the most domestic departures of any airline in Canada.

I have vacationed extensively in Canada, Europe, the United States, and the Caribbean. My other passion is bicycling, and bicycle touring, in particular. I own three bikes, all of which are set up for cycle touring: 1. A 1996 Cannondale Hybrid (H-400), 2. A 2001 Mikado d'Iberville Touring bike, and 3. A 2005 Bike Friday New World Tourist. I cycle mainly with the London Cycling Club, and tour either by myself, or with a small group of colleagues who are also members of the London Cycling Club.

I generally try to take at least one week long cycle tour every year. This page will take you to the most recent ones I have documented. Unfortunately, since I bought my Bike Friday in 2005, I have been unable to do any extended touring. Last year we installed a pool in the back yard, this year we are attaching a deck to the pool. So, it looks like my next tour is likely to occur in 2008, or 2009. I do have a short trip planned for later this year from Calgary, Alberta to Drumheller, Alberta (Canada's badlands and home of the world renowned Royal Tyrrell Museum. Stay tuned for that one - at least the pictures should be cool.

If you want any additional information on any of the trips listed, or cycling in general, you can e-mail me at

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