Kevin, Tom and Brent's
Cycling the Danube Bike Path
From Vienna to Budapest
Day 6: Visegrad,Hungary to Budapest, Hungary



Photographs on this website were taken by Kevin Rodger, except where noted.

Map shows our route

Day 6 - Sunday, September 18, 2011 - Visegrad, Hungary to Budapest, Hungary
- Distance: 56.9 km, Cycle Time: 3:21, Average Speed: 16.9 kph -

We took the bike path out of town, again following along the banks of the Danube. The bike path soon ended but we then cycled 4 km along a quiet highway paralleling the river. We had planned on crossing to Szentre Island, which is surrounded by the Danube, at the Kisoszi ferry crossing. However the ferry was still on the opposite bank of the river, and stubbornly remained there for severl minutes, so as traffic was light, we decided to continue along the main road. Over the next 10 km traffic intensity increased sharply and was fairly brisk at times. We were passed by many groups of cyclists in team colours travelling in both directions down the highway. After missing the ferry ride to Szentendre Island, we decided to take a bridge over to an island at Tahitotfalu, but since we were making good progress and the scenery was nice, we carried on straight for the city of Szentendre. Szentendre appeared to be an artist community combined with a thriving tourist community. We quickly purchased a few items, such as linen tablecloths and paprika mixes, along with more obligtory fridge magnets.

After a short coffee break, we continued along the bike path towards Budapest. The bike path soon began to again follow the banks of the Danube. For the next few kilometres, the bike path was rather crowded, as locals and foreigners alike took to their bikes for the weekend. The many local festivals taking place along the banks of the Danube increased the use of these multi-purpose pathways. As the weather was sunny and warm, families lined the Danube and clustered at the booths along the cycle path. We even witnessed two animals turning on spits over a charcoal fire. We mused over what kind of creatures these were, but were unable to agree if they were cows, horses, or even wild boars ... we didn't stay long enough to partake in the feasting.

Near the town of Pomaz, the path crossed a very small creek and then veered towards an underpass that reconnects with the bike path. This caused a bit of confusion, as we missed the turnoff, resulting in some backtracking. We eventually reconnected and continued along the path through some very busy areas, including a main highway into Budapest. We made another wrong turn and crossed an old railway bridge to an island in the Danube, where we came to a dead end. Much map reading and discussion ensued until sufficient collaboration determined our next intended route. The route we selected took us along a very busy stretch of road which had a fair amount of debris and broken glass strewn about. Kevin was the fastest down this road, and when Tom and Brent stopped to consult a map, the group was soon separated. Eventually, Kevin came upon an overpass, which would take us across the busy road. After stopping, he looked behind him and realized his plight: his two companions were nowhere to be found! Kevin decided to ascend the bicycle overpass to see if he could see his friends. Fortunately, after about fifteen anxious minutes, Brent and Tom loomed into sight. Renuited, we were able to continue our trek into Budapest.

Eventually the city loomed into sight. The first thing we saw was the large Memorial Statue that overlooks the Danube from Gellert Hill. Soon, the magnificent Hungarian parliament building appeared. We had arrived at our destination - Budapest!

Night scene in Visegrad with the moon rising above the hills

The sun is rising ... we will soon depart on the last day of our journey

"Tom, I'm absolutely sure that YOU are heading in the wrong direction"!

Yup, that's one big mamma of a bird! And we complain about the pidgeons.

Arrival in Szentendre

Red pepper plants

Brent making a purchase in the "Paprika Palace"

Kevin's Bike Friday outside the "Paprika Palace"

Bike path in Szentendre, along the Danube

So ... what's your guess? Horse or cow? Or boar?

Some of the signage along our route into town. We are on route #6

Kevin's view from the bike overpass - Tom and Brent finally loom into view

The Budapest skyline starts to come into view

Scenerely on one of the islands in the Danube

Arrival! Across the Danube from the Hungarian Parliament - in Pest


In the days ahead, I intend to add additional pages to this writeup. These pages will highlight our stay in Budapest for a couple of days, as well as give more information on attractions that might be of use in future trip planning.

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