Kevin, Tom and Brent's
Cycling the Danube Bike Path
From Vienna to Budapest
Day 2: Bratislava, Slovakia to Gyor, Hungary



Photographs on this website were taken by Kevin Rodger, except where noted.

Map shows our route

Day 2 - Wednesday, September 13, 2011 - Bratislava, Slovakia to Györ, Hungary
- Distance: 84.4 km, Cycle Time: 4:02, Average Speed: 20.8 kph -

After a hearty breakfast of scrambled eggs, fried eggs, toast, and pastries, we prepared to leave the Art Hotel William. We seemed conspicuosly under-dressed, in our colourfully attired spandex outfits, as we exited with our bikes through the well-appointed lobby with it's glass foyer doors onto the cobblestones of the main square. Our discomfort soon melted as we cycled our way through the old centre of Bratislava. We again crossed the Danube on the Novi Most Bridge. This bridge has a restaurant and an observation deck that looks much like an UFO has landed on top of the bridge. The "UFO" stands 85 metres above the ground. The bridge was built between 1967 and 1972, and is the world's 7th largest suspension bridge.

We then cycled along another well maintained cycling path adjacent to the Danube until we arrived at the town of Cunova. For most of this 17 km route, a paved path designated for cyclists and pedestrians paralled the road along the top of a river berm. As on the previous day, we passed many cyclists of all abilities. The sunny and hot weather of +30 C encouraged us to stop for a break at a small refreshment stand on the bike path. At the half-way mark, just after crossing into Hungary, the road turned into a maze of potholes, then we cycled a 7 km stretch of road consisting of horrible, loose gravel. It reminded me of cycling in deep, loose sand embedded with river stones. Naturally, this slowed our speed down considerably. At the end of the gravel road, we stopped in the town of Püski for a brief lunch consisting of ham sandwiches, and sparkling water. Afterwards, the road improved as we pedaled on to Györ, where we were presented once again with a bike path adjacent to the main road. We stopped at the first hotel we saw – Hotel Révész. This was an excellent hotel, with a very nice restaurant. Dinner for three people, including two bottles of very good quality wine came to 13,900 HUF (about CAN $67.00).

Brent holding the UFO - "Giants Come to Slovakia"

The border of Slovakia and Hungary. Yes, that's bullet holes in the sign!

Entering the town of Puski - time for lunch

Bike paths were generally well signed, especially in Hungary

Local attraction just outside of Gyor

Bike path out of Acs

Water tower behind our hotel - apparently about 100 years old. I doubt if it is still in use.

The Hotel Revesz in Gyor - highly recommended! Good prices, interesting decour, and great food!

Our first bottle of wine (for the evening)

Brent giving the toast ...

Sitting room on the way to our quarters

Interesting photo of Tom. The wine has some strange side effects in Hungary!