Guide to Bicycle Safety -
Normally, I don't add links to sites with a commercial aspect to them (i.e. advertising). However I have made an exception in this instance. This link was recommended by Barbara Kelly, and her daughter, Lauren way back in March, 2014. I apologize over the delay in posting the site.
Tour de l'Ile - Cycling's Largest Ride in Montreal Haven't done this one yet, but soon
Tom Driemeyers Cycling Home Page - cycle tour reports (Europe and U.S. mostly)
Adventure Cycling - Cycle Touring Organization - Promotes cycle touring throughout the world
Bruce Gordon Touring Bikes- The "epitome" of touring bikes - at least in my opinion
Bike Friday - my latest bike addition - high end folding bikes
London Cycling Club - the club to which I belong. - Want a quick and easy way to log your miles? This is it.
Trento Bike Pages - Probably the best compendium of Bike Touring pages around
Crazy Guy on a Bike - a more comprehensive compilation of bike tours than Trento. I covers more of the world, and appears to be a bit more up to date.
CRAZY GUY ON A BIKE - A Place for Bicycle Tourists and
The Wandering Nomads.
A bike touring dialoge by Shirine Taylor, a 20 year old female who is travelling the world by bike. Up to date, and well written, with extensive photography.
shirine taylor
Shirine Bikes Around the World for $5.00 a Day
An independant (and quite interesting) interview of Shirine Taylor by Mads Phikamphon that gives a bit of insight on why a young girl would cycle around the globe
This is a good, comprehensive guide to securing your bike in almost any situation.


Ex pro-rider, Jeff has a very good guide if you are planning on buying a bike.
Drugs in Sports ... Their Effects and Healt Risks
This link is brought to you courtesy of Whitney, a student in Maine, USA. Thank you!