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Tour de l'Ile - Cycling's Largest Ride in Montreal Haven't done this one yet, but soon
Tom Driemeyers Cycling Home Page - cycle tour reports (Europe and U.S. mostly)
Adventure Cycling - Cycle Touring Organization - Promotes cycle touring throughout the world
Bruce Gordon Touring Bikes- The "epitome" of touring bikes - at least in my opinion
Bike Friday - my latest bike addition - high end folding bikes
London Cycling Club - the club to which I belong. - Want a quick and easy way to log your miles? This is it.
Trento Bike Pages - Probably the best compendium of Bike Touring pages around
Crazy Guy on a Bike - a more comprehensive compilation of bike tours than Trento. It covers more of the world, and appears to be a bit more up to date.
CRAZY GUY ON A BIKE - A Place for Bicycle Tourists
The Wandering Nomads.
A bike touring dialoge by Shirine Taylor, a 20 year old female who is travelling the world by bike. Up to date, and well written, with extensive photography.
shirine taylor
Shirine Bikes Around the World for $5.00 a Day
An independant (and quite interesting) interview of Shirine Taylor by Mads Phikamphon that gives a bit of insight on why a young girl would cycle around the globe
Guide to Bicycle Safety -
This is a good, comprehensive guide to securing your bike in almost any situation.


Ex pro-rider, Jeff has a very good guide if you are planning on buying a bike.
Bicycle Guider
Drugs in Sports ... Their Effects and Healt Risks
MIGHTY GOODS -A web site that gives information on all things "baggage" - backpacks, panniers, suitcases, handbags. This is the place to find it. This website also gives information specific to packing for cycling, etc. via interviews with actual people who have done it.
mighty goods logo
Mesothelioma is a disease that most people have never even heard of. It only occurs in those who have been exposed to asbestos. So why exactly is this link on a cycling specific website? Well - just to give further exposure to a disease that affects many Canadians and others throughout the world.
Rydoze - Useful Info for the Cycling Enthusiast

The UK Highway Code - A Non-Lawyer's Guide for Cyclists.

Cycle the UK with more confidence. This link provides answers to those questions regarding funny markings on the road, and things applicable to riding in England. Your questions are answered.

The Bicycle Garage: A Guide for Bike Riders This link was provided courtesy of Conner, from Lake Jennings Boy Scout Troop 325. It includes lots of useful information on all aspects of cycling that should keep most aficionados occupied for hours! Enjoy!